Monday, February 18, 2013

Invisible Good Guy Ghost

I had the opportunity on Sunday to substitute teach Z's Sunbeam class at church. Our discussion for the day centered on the Holy Ghost, and how the Holy Ghost can help us when we are sad, afraid, or in need of guidance; and how when we have happy, warm feelings that is the influence of the Holy Ghost letting us know that everything is okay. After church, during lunch, Z said something about the Holy Ghost (can't remember his exact comment), and it sparked a second discussion to reinforce the lesson at church.

This morning before lunch, Z had a meltdown and was having a hard time calming down and being rational again, even after many hugs and snuggles and calming words on my part. I managed to get him to the table for lunch, but he was still screaming on-and-off. I offered up a prayer before we ate, and in the prayer I said, "Please help Z to be able to calm down and be happy." Almost immediately after the prayer, Z finally stopped crying and said, "I'm happy now!" Oh, good. And then he added, "The invisble good guy ghost came and made me happy!"

"You mean the Holy Ghost?"



Monday, February 4, 2013

Eleven Months!

Wow, only one more month and we will have a one-year-old!

C is growing bigger; I haven't weighed or measured him lately, sorry. I will be sure to do that around his first birthday...

He sidles along the furniture now. He can also stand for short periods unsupported. A couple times he's tried to take a step, but then fell.

He has at least two recognizable words that he speaks: "da" for "daddy," and "ba" for "bye." He likes to babble-talk a lot, but we can't tell if he has any other "real" words in his vocabulary yet.

He still likes to bite things. And people. He laughs about it too, little imp. He reminds me of Sunny in A Series of Unfortunate Events.

For a while we were working on transitioning him from our bed to the pack-n-play (we bought a foam mattress to make it more comfortable), but noticed that he was waking more frequently and harder to put down on the nights when we started him out in the pack-n-play. So we're back to just having him start the night in our bed and he sleeps longer stretches that way and is easier to put back down after night-waking. Right now, it's just more important for us to all get a good night's sleep since we're in the middle of tax season. We'll try the transition again in April. We might even have a double bed for him in the boys' room by that time and he might like that better than the pack-n-play.

He loves to splash in the bath. He loves to eat solid foods, though he is also still very much into nursing. He loves music and dancing. He wants to follow his big brothers around everywhere and do everything they do.

He plays this "game" with us where he tries to get into the bathroom. Usually we keep the door closed or have the baby gate up. But once in a while we forget, and C delights in taking these opportunities to try to speed-crawl to the door and sneak in there before we can get to him. He laughs about it whenever we catch him. But a couple times now he's managed to sneak in there and get into stuff before we realize it. Once he got his hands into the toilet; and just a couple nights ago he got a hold of the toilet bowl scrubber and had dragged it across the floor and was sitting banging it on the stool in front of the sink when we finally caught him. Yuck!

In short, life is never dull with this kid. But he is such a happy-go-lucky baby that it's easy to forgive him for the messes he makes. He cheers us all up, and we're so happy to have him in our family.