Saturday, April 30, 2011

weaning a toddler

Every time I start typing the "story" of our progress so far, I just struggle to put things simply and straight-forward enough. So sorry, no details. But, I am working on weaning Z-- finally-- and wish me luck, because I need it! 21 months of nursing is just a wee bit longer than I had bargained for, and I am so ready to move on to a new phase with my little boy. Now I just have to convince Z to get fully on board with the program.

Friday, April 22, 2011

This year's garden

Yesterday, I sowed the first seeds for this year's garden. It may be too early, and they may not make it (it's still been cold on-and-off up here), but then again, they might be just fine and then I'll have a head start on my garden.

I tried having a garden last year, out in front of our condo, and the only things that really did well were the sunflowers and the lettuce. This year, I'm using one of the garden boxes at my in-laws', and expect to see better results.

When I first started looking into gardening two summers ago, I did A LOT of research. I read all about each kind of crop I was interested in planting, about ways to keep away pests, about companion planting, crop rotation, and so forth. I drew up diagrams of my future garden, making the most of every sqaure inch of space. I was careful, methodical. At least, that's how I was on paper.

I continue to read and attend gardening classes to learn more about the best ways to garden. But alas, when it comes time to actually sow the seeds, my approach to gardening is much like my approach to pretty much everything else I do: haphazard, improvising as I go. Just pop the seeds into the ground and see what happens...

So, what am I attempting to grow in my garden this year?

bush beans
yellow squash
sugar snap peas

Like I said, we'll see what happens...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Life is a Video Game

We got a new game for our Wii a week or so ago, called My Sims. G and I have been playing it together, since it's a bit difficult for him to manage on his own. It's fun, and cute, and all that. G likes it, and it keeps me interested for the most part, too.

Anyway, the last few days G has taken to pretending that he is in his own video game. He calls it "Super G__ World." He wanders around, jumping, making sound effects, and all that. If his Daddy or I call to him to do something else, he'll "pause" his other activity first. Earlier today, he informed me that he was "Player Two," and Daddy was "Player One." He even told me the made-up name of the kid who was playing his "character," though I don't remember it as it was a gibberish name.

He's becoming more and more imaginative as he grows older. It's rather gratifying, and entertaining, too. I indulge his fantasy as much as I can, while also reminding him that sometimes he has to live in the "real world."

Monday, April 18, 2011


Z's new word for the day was "Yep." It was so stinkin' cute every time he said it. Before now, whenever he wanted to answer in the affirmative to something, he'd just kind of grunt and nod his head. But not today. Today he finally found a word to express himself.

"Z, do you want some oranges?"


"Is that good?"


On and on, all day. So cute. And probably the only reason I didn't feel more like shutting him in a room somewhere, because he was asking to nurse constantly today. This nursing-my-toddler-like-he's-a-newborn phase is really wearing me out. I am so ready to be done already. But, my kid apparently has other plans. Anyway, he just got a couple of molars in lately, so maybe he's still got more coming and he's just doing it more for the comfort than anything else (he never did take to the binky, unfortunately).

I remember a similar phase with my oldest-- the "yep" thing, not the nursing. Some of G's phrases that I remember (he went through them in stages), were "uh-huh," "sure," "of course," and even more recently at age four, "absolutely." Interesting to witness how thier vocabulary grows and changes over time.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Perils of Working with Child Stars

When I try to get my kids to do something specific for the camera, I often end up having to take several shots. And even then, I'm not at all guaranteed to catch on film exactly what I wanted. What I get instead, though, is sometimes just as amusing...

Eventually, I just have to say "good enough," and let the boys do whatever they want.

What Stridor sounds like

Just a short, helpful video so other mamas can know what Stridor sounds like, in case their little ones ever come down with it.

Evidence #1 that I am Super Mom

Z was sick and nursing for long stretches. This particular day, G was hungry for lunch, but Z wouldn't stop nursing. So, I had G fetch a can of Spaghettios and set it on the counter. Then I propped my leg up, positioned the can opener, and opened the can-- all while standing up and nursing. Then, I got a bowl and a spoon, dished out the Spagettios, and handed the bowl and spoon to my son.

Of course, I needed a hand to take this picture, so I couldn't actually get a shot of me operating the can opener.

Trash to Treasure Creation #1: DVD Cases...

A couple weeks ago, I condensed all our CD's and DVD's into a large sleeve case. This left us with a big box full of empty DVD cases, with which we're still figuring out what to do. We think we will call the local video rental stores and see if they want any. I also intend to ask the thrift store if they want to take any.

A couple nights ago, I was laying in bed before going to sleep, and I envisioned a doll house made from DVD cases. The next day, I gathered some of the cases, colored paper, cardstock, hot glue, and a cardboard "tray," and created this: 

Other things I thought of that could be made with DVD cases: small, lidless boxes; and kids' shoe cubbies. However, we don't really need either of those things right now. So, I'll probably just be donating the rest (hopefully, it seems a shame to just throw them away).

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Testimony #1

I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Twice a year, on the first weekend of April and the first weekend of October, the entire worldwide membership "gathers," in person as well as through the use of modern media, to hear the words of Church leaders and to receive revelation from them.

This time, I feel impressed to share a realization that I had while listening to this April's General Conference of the Church. But first, a bit of background information.

The worldwide leadership of the Church consists of twelve Apostles, led by a Presidency consisting of the Prophet, and two Counselors (think Moses, Aaron, and Caleb). So, fifteen men in total. When a Prophet dies, all the Apostles assemble together and pray to receive unanimous revelation to sustain the new Prophet. Since the beginning of the Church in the Latter Days, the next Prophet has always been the Apostle of highest seniority-- he who has been in the Apostleship the longest.

When a new Prophet is called, or when an Apostle dies, a vacancy appears in the Quorum of Apostles that must be filled. When a new Apostle is being called, all the current Apostles assemble and while the exact process is unknown to me, in the end they all come to an agreement (the vote must be unanimous) as to who should be called to fill the vacancy.

I can't imagine this to be an easy process. With so many worthy men in the Church to choose from, how could one possibly be selected-- and unanimously at that-- without revelation from God?

And here's the realization I had today. While listening to this April's Conference, it was pointed out how our current Prophet, Thomas S. Monson, was called to be an Apostle at the very young age of thirty-six! He had three children at the time, ranging in ages from four to twelve. Historically, very few Apostles (save in the very beginning of the Church when there were far fewer members) have been called that young.

Knowing what I know about the importance of Family in the Church, and how much all the Church leaders obviously value the Family and cherish their own families, I just can't imagine that the Apostles at the time when President Monson was called to the Apostleship, would have decided on their own to call him to such a responsibility-laden calling. Surely they knew, when they called him, that he was still raising his children; that by calling him at such a young age, they were asking him to sacrifice much of the time that he could otherwise have spent playing with his children, supporting them in their activities, and watching them grow. And cherishing their own children as much as I'm sure they did, I can hardly imagine that any of those Apostles found it emotionally or psychologically comfortable to put such a burden on such a young father.

But, the Lord sees fit to call whom He will. And all those Apostles were enough in tune with the Holy Spirit to know that, while perhaps they did not understand the reason to call Thomas S. Monson to the Apostleship, God could see much farther ahead than they could and He had His own plans for this man.

What if those Apostles had not listened? What if they had instead listened to their own heads, and reasoned among themselves, "Well, Brother Monson is surely a worthy man; but he's so young, and his family is young; would it not be better to wait several years, for another vacancy in the Quorum?" But, if they had followed this sort of counsel, it is highly likely that Thomas S. Monson would not be our Prophet today.

The Lord sees fit to call whom He will. And I do not question the decisions of the Apostles and Prophet who lead this Church, because I know that they are ever seeking-- and receiving-- their revelation straight from Heaven.

Christ truly does lead His Church in the Latter Days. And that is my personal Testimony today.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Bathtime for Mommy

Earlier today, G was wanting a way to earn some money, so I had him spend some time scrubbing the tub. He lasted a good half-hour, and managed to make several white patches. He earned $5. There was still a lot of gunk, though, so earlier this evening I went in and attacked the rest of it. After admiring my (and my son's) hard work, I thought, "Maybe I should take a bath." So I did.

It was nice. I took the opportunity to really pamper myself. I shaved my legs (shaving is much more pleasant after the legs have had a chance to soak for a while, I've discovered), trimmed my toenails, exfoliated with some nectarine body scrub, and enjoyed lavender bubble bath.

My family will tell you, I practically never take baths. Ever since I was in third grade, I have always preferred a shower. But after tonight's experience, I might start taking baths more often.