Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Top Ten Reasons Why I Don't Wear Makeup

Top Ten Reasons Why I Don't Wear Makeup:

1. The cheap stuff is awful.
2. The good stuff is too expensive.
3. I like my face the way it is.
4. I believe my facial skin is much healthier-- and doesn't require special cleansers or creams-- because I don't wear makeup.
5. Ever tried to take an afternoon nap with makeup on?
6. I don't have a job that requires it.
7. If you're used to seeing a woman in makeup and then one day she doesn't wear it she will look awfully tired and worn out. Everyone is used to seeing me without makeup, so I always look the same.
8. My mother never wore makeup.
9. I have more time to spend on other things because I'm not spending so much time fussing with my face.
10. My purse is a whole lot lighter and less cluttered.`

Monday, May 6, 2013

We Have a Talker

C's Top Ten First Words
(in no particular order)

Dad ("da")
Mama ("muh")
Bye-bye ("buh buh")
No ("nuh")
Stuck ("duhk")
Dance ("da")
Up ("uh-p")
Bath ("ba-f")
Milk ("muh-k")

I know it's not unheard-of for toddlers to talk at 14 months, but considering neither of my older boys said more than a handful of words before 18 months, it's really exciting and different for us to have a kid talking this early.


Friday, May 3, 2013


I cannot keep my 14-mo out of ANYTHING! As a prime example, we've had to progressively increase the security/barricade around our computer desk; he's worked his way around every single obstacle and we are out of options (he's even figured out how to push stuff out of the way and crawl under our bed). Just today, he climbed up onto the stool, pulled out the keyboard tray and climbed onto the tray, then climbed onto the main desk, just to get to the telephone.

We can still keep him out of a room as long as the door's shut tight; but it's only a matter of time before he figures out how to turn a doorknob (he's already attempted it). He's figured out that he can bring things over to stand on to boost his height to get onto high furniture or (hasn't done it yet, but probably will soon) climb over a gate. This kid is sharp. And we're barely one step ahead.

And he is darn determined. It doesn't matter how many times he falls and bumps his head, he'll get right back up and try again and again to do the impossible (like climbing a vertical bookshelf, yes he's tried that too) because it's his destiny!

Neither of my other boys was nearly this difficult. I thought Z was difficult, but I had no idea...

He used to be such a laid-back, happy, enjoyable little guy. And often he still is. But more and more it's just getting so frustrating for all of us, because he has no concept of danger, he's too young to discipline, and distraction only works if it involves nursing or food or going outside (all of which require my complete involvement). My other boys are frustrated (especially my oldest) because he's always getting into their things and breaking their Lego creations or tearing their books or interfering with their video game etc. He has a royal fit every time we remove him from a dangerous situation (either dangerous to him or dangerous to whatever he's trying to get into).

Yesterday he pulled the stroller down on himself. He's knocked over the coat tree and our floor lamp. He still tries to eat everything and we're having to box up more and more stuff (particularly books) because there is nowhere else safe to put it. Our house is a disaster area. And every time I think I finally have it toddler-safe again, he figures out some new trick to get into a place I thought was secure.

So if you see me around with missing chunks of hair on my scalp, please be sympathetic. And lend me your cap.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


My brain has been nagging me to "post something." So I will. But I'm not in the mood for an update on my kids, or a serious discussion, or my latest creative endeavors. So I'm just going to ramble on a semi-random topic of my choosing.

I've been thinking about the color green. You might remember a post of mine a while back about the color white. Well now it's green's turn.

When people ask me my favorite color, I usually say "green." If I'm honest with myself, this is probably not entirely true (more on that in a later post on another color to-be-announced). But, I committed to this color many years ago, and kinda like a marriage partner, I'm stuck with it now ;-)

But I do love green. In all its many shades and hues. My living room walls are painted a kinda minty green that feels very refreshing. It's actually pretty close to the color of this blog's background.

Green is an earthy, natural color, which I like. I am an earthy, natural girl. I also like green coupled with one of any number of different colors...Some favorite combinations include green and brown, green and purple, and green and white. And, since marrying Nick-- whose favorite color is orange-- I have also gained a deep appreciation for the green/orange combo-- especially the more rusty orange we've often come across on our drives through the Northwest Montana forest ranges in the Autumn months.

Green is technically one of the "cool" colors, but it always feels rather warm to me. It is relaxing yet energizing at the same time; very few colors can claim that distiction, I think. Maybe this explains the origin of "green rooms" in live theatre. Something for me to look up sometime...

And if course frogs are green, and those who know me know how I love frogs (both literal and figurative)!