Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Trip to Massachusetts

Just got back yesterday from a week-long trip to Massachusetts. Pictures and videos will come later. But for now, our trip in a nutshell, in the form of a bullet point list of thoughts-- some of which may be expounded upon later.

1. My toddler hates flying. I have probably scarred him for life.
2. My four-year-old refuses to accept that mountains seen from an altitude of 3,000 feet are still mountains.
3. I still sunburn, even at age 26. My husband still sunburns at age 33.
4. I was reminded again how much I love Boston.
5. I missed the smell of fresh mountain air. Sea air smell is not unpleasant, but it's so different from what I'm used to.
6. My hair gets wavy in high humidity.
7. My sister-in-law's husband is a riot when playing tabletop games.
8. Jigsaw puzzles are so much more enjoyable when I have someone else to do them with, and when I just don't concern myself with finishing the sky.
9. My four-year-old cried and cried about wanting to go home, and then when it was finally time to go, he cried and cried that he didn't want to leave!
10. If I lived in a major East Coast city, I would always use the public transit. And I would love it.
11. My husband is GREAT :)
12. I like food waaaay too much.
13. I hate how my voice sounds when it's hoarse; I feel like I'm yelling all the time just to be heard.
14. Sleeping on an airplane is not recommended. Neither is getting up at 3 AM to catch a 6 AM flight.
15. My toddler slept from 7:00 PM to 6 AM last night. ALL IN HIS OWN BED. He was so exhausted, though, I don't expect it will become a habit, sadly.
16. Knock-knock jokes get really annoying after a while, especially when they're being told by a four-year-old.
17. I wish I had noticed that solitary piece of Shredded Wheat on the kitchen floor before we left for the week; now I've come home to a sugar ant invasion.
18. Seat Belt Bags!
19. I like rain. And overcast days.
20. The ocean is nice, but I love my Mountains!

Monday, June 20, 2011

With Love From Spain

My brother got married in Spain recently. We were not able to go, but my parents went. They bought these T-Shirts for the boys. :)

I also like this picture because Z is looking up at his big brother. He really does look up to G in so many ways (sometimes to G's frustration).

I love my boys.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

My dad is a good man.

Through the years, he and I haven't always agreed.

He hurt my feelings a time or two.

But I always knew he loved me. And how do I know this?

He taught me to love reading and learning.

He taught and expected me to work hard and to be self-sufficient.

He served me and my family in countless ways. He went to work every work day, often performing dull and thankless tasks, so that I could have food to eat, a bed to sleep in, piano lessons and voice lessons, and fun vacations from time to time. And when we went on these vacations, he was usually the one to drive, even as the rest of us entertained ourselves or slept.

Sure, I can remember times where he lost his temper, or got annoyed at things that seemed so minor and petty to me; but as a parent myself now, I have much more sympathy and understanding than I did back then, and I pass no judgment on my dad-- or my mom-- for any of their perceived failings. And anyway, they did a pretty darn good job, even in spite of themselves. I hope I can do at least as well with my own children as they did with me and my siblings.

My father was and IS an exceptional man.

He sat with me and patiently walked me through countless complex math problems, explaining them to me the best he could, even though I often failed to understand and more than a handful of times ended up screaming and running to my room with tears of frustration in my eyes.

He took the time to gather our family together every evening to read our scriptures and pray together. We gave him a hard time sometimes, joking around or trying to wrap up conversations which were sometimes difficult to put down. I imagine there must have been times where he and my mom both dreaded that looming half-hour every evening, knowing there was the possibility of chaos and near-warfare at times. They must have been so exhausted and tempted to just send us all to bed right away (or at least go to bed themselves) without all the fuss of "family time."

He served in various church callings, cheerfully and willingly. And he always supported my mother in her church duties as well.

He gave me a Father's Blessing every year before I started school; he blessed me when I was sick, or any other time I asked him. He kept himself worthy to perform these blessings at a moment's notice.

Sure, he wasn't perfect. But he never gave up trying.

I love my dad. He is worth loving. And his love is worth desiring, and I know he shares it willingly with me. I am so grateful for that, and for all that he does.

Thank you, Daddy. I love you.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Weaning weekend

This past weekend, I left the boys and my husband behind to take a trip down to Rexburg, ID to visit my sister and brother. I got to meet each of their fiancees, and I had a wonderful, relaxing time with them all. Got to have some good bonding time with my future sister-in-law, and enjoyed joking around and reminiscing with my brother and sister. Saw all the rennovations that have been done at my old college since I left there seven years ago, and it was astounding. I wished I had remembered my camera. Now I want to go back sometime with Nick so that he can see it, too.

Back home, things were not as relaxing for my poor husband. The boys ran him ragged, and on top of that he had to deal with Z's tantrums in the middle of the night when I wasn't there to nurse him. I am so grateful for my Nicholas and all his support and patience throughout this past weekend.

Yes, Z is-- for all intents and purposes-- weaned at last. I still haven't dried up completely. But, the four days away were really just what Z needed to convince him that he doesn't need to nurse all the time. He's asked to nurse a few times since I got back home, but he's been pretty easy to distract and hold off. I haven't nursed him at all since I got back, so if I can just hold out for a few more days or so, I'm thinking we'll have reached a new "normal" around here.

Z went down for bed a whole lot better last night than he used to. I really just think things will be better in general for everyone now that he's weaned.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Saturday at the Farmer's Market

I wish I had taken a picture, but I didn't. I took my boys for a walk to the Farmer's Market on Saturday, and there was a woman standing there in full bridal attire. At first I thought it was a manakin, as her face was painted entirely white, and she was standing perfectly still. It was startling. A little bit creepy, too. I kind of attempted to ask her a question, and all she did was blink. I wanted to just stand there and admire the "statue," but I felt too self-conscious to stick around. She had a box at her feet with some cash thrown in and a sign above it reading "thank you." I didn't throw in any cash; I had so little, and was there to buy tomato starts. But, it was pretty impressive; especially as it was quite warm and sunny that day.

We are not animals!

Haha, G doesn't believe me whenever I try to explain to him that people are animals. I've gotten as scientific as I could get, and he still wouldn't accept it. I asked him if he would believe his teacher (when he has one) if she told him people were animals, and he said "No!"

He definitely has his own ideas about things. Most of the time, he's pretty willing to accept what people tell him, as long as he hasn't already formed an opinion already. But if he already thinks he knows something, he sticks to his guns.


Thursday, June 2, 2011

What an Evening...

So, Nick is away again this weekend for a second installment of his Wood Badge training course. It rained here today, so he probably got rained on, too, up in the mountains...

I certainly don't envy him. But I do miss him. And the boys have been missing him much more acutely this time it seems that last time. Maybe because last time, they were kind of caught off guard by the whole thing, not really having been given much warning. But this time, they have the memory of what it was like before, and how long it took for Daddy to get back (he was gone for three days and two nights). And this time, he's even gone a whole night longer. So now we're on night #2...

The boys were all right last night for the most part. Z was a tad fussier than usual, and did say "Daddy" several times in kind of a sad voice, before finally falling asleep.

Tonight, though, around 10:00, the waterworks began in earnest. It didn't help, either, that Z never took a nap today, despite the fact that he had several opportunities throughout the day. So he asked to nurse around 9-ish, and I started to nurse him. But then I realized that he would likely fall asleep nursing; so, I interrupted the nursing to put him into a fresh diaper for the night (didn't bother with PJs). Then I started nursing again and he almost fell asleep a couple times, but not quite.

After a while, I noticed G looking sleepy on the couch, and started talking with him while I nursed to keep him awake until I could get him all ready for bed (he still wets the bed, so I didn't want to let him fall asleep in his underwear). I kept checking on Z and eventually he seemed to be mostly asleep, and I decided to try putting him in his bed.

Bad idea, as it turned out. Z started crying and wailing as he just laid in bed-- obviously tired and sleepy, since he didn't just climb down out of the bed by himself. But I knew if I picked him back up again, he would not want to let me go, and I had to turn my attention to G for a few minutes.

I told G it was time to get ready for bed, and then HE started wailing and crying about how much he missed Daddy, and when was Daddy coming home?

They both continued to cry, and I eventually did the only thing I could think of to do: I said, "How about if we all sleep together tonight?" Well, it got G to perk up, at least, so I could get him ready for bed. Z was still not consoled, however. He finally got hiself out of bed and I picked him up (remarkably, he did not ask for more milk). He continued to bawl as I picked out his pajamas and got him changed. I almost ended up just bringing the boys to bed with me right then, thinking we'd just have to skip the teeth-brushing for the night.

But, it also happens to be "that time of month," and I could NOT just go to bed without taking care of my own needs. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise, however, as I carried Z with me into the bathroom, wondering what I was going to do with him while I changed into a nighttime maxi pad. Well, as soon as I got out a pad, he was fasinated with it and finally stopped crying. He took hold of the pad, and I was able to set him down as I sat on the toilet. He kept holding out the pad to me and saying "diaper." Well, it does resemble a diaper, I suppose...

Anyway, I got changed, and Z was still complacent. So we were able to all brush our teeth after all. Then we went to bed, said our prayers, and the boys laid down and fell asleep (Z had to be touching my chest the whole time) as I sang a few songs.

So, now I have two boys in my bed. And it is quite warm this evening. I think I may end up sleeping on the couch tonight...